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  • Nov 01, 2019

This week, SalientMG would like to spotlight Evan Rutchik, Chief Revenue Officer in the US at Ogury

Evan Rutchik, US MD, Ogury, has been in the technology industry for over 11 years and has managed multiple award-winning media campaigns on the tech and agency side. 

Evan was Ogury’s first US hire in 2016, allowing him the chance to reinvent the way brands, publishers, and consumers interact. He is responsible for scaling the company’s US sales and business effort from the New York City office.

In just 3 years, Evan has led the US Ogury team to achieve over $100 million in revenue. Evan was named one of DMNews’ 40Under40 honorees and he also resides on the board of the AIB Mobile Center of Excellence. Evan often moderates and speaks on panels as an expert thought leader in mobile marketing, fire-party data, and consumer privacy. 

Recently, Evan has been a contributing author at AW360 where he shares his CCPA and data privacy knowledge. In his first piece, How to Prepare for California Privacy Act (CCPA), Evan provides several great pieces of advice to companies preparing for the new legislation, such as, how to ensure your partners are also compliant. 

Here are ten questions Evan suggests companies ask their partners to confirm compliance:

  1. Are you CCPA compliant?
  2. What is our CCPA compliance strategy?
  3. How is your company currently generating data?
  4. How does your company define “personal information?”
  5. What percentage of your users have explicitly consented to share their data with you?
  6. How does your company inform your consumers if their data is being sold?
  7. How do you capture and retain that consent?
  8. Who is in charge of your compliance now and in the future?
  9. How will you continue to notify us of any changes to your policies?
  10. How will you continue to ensure your compliance?

The full article is available here


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