SALIENT SPOTLIGHT: Ogury Raises $50M in Funding

  • by SalientMG Team
  • Dec 05, 2019

This week, SalientMG would like to spotlight Ogury for their $50 million USD funding announcement.

This funding round will help accelerate Ogury throughout their key markets in the US and overseas. Ogury has a presence in the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Serbia, Germany, and also Mexico. SalientMG believes Ogury’s funding efforts are in direct correlation to their strong stance on consumer consent and putting consumer privacy at the center of their work. We also believe this funding effort is successful because investors see Ogury’s potential to be leaders. Ogury will likely be leaders in the market because of their GDPR and CCPA compliant business model.

Ogury, the creator of the first digital marketing engine driven by user choice, announced that it raised $50 million USD. The funds will help accelerate product innovation and customer growth throughout key markets in the US and overseas. 

Ogury is GDPR-compliant and CCPA-prepared. They believe that today’s digital advertising industry is failing to protect user data, privacy and disclosure. Ogury plans to lead the new advertising model that will emerge in light of the new, and growing, privacy regulations. A new model that leads with consumer-choice and complete transparency. 

Thomas Pasquet, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Ogury, said, “We have been GDPR compliant by design since Ogury’s launch in 2014 and are CCPA prepared. While many adtech companies have been negatively impacted by the regulations, our market-leading technology solutions have always been based on user informed consent.” Pasquet continued, “We’ve created a model that has disrupted the advertising technology industry, and as such, we flourished under GDPR. We have partnered with our brand, publisher and agency clients to deliver choice-driven advertising that adheres to GDPR and what we know about CCPA. We are in a tremendous position to change the future of marketing and advertising in this Fifth Industrial Revolution, which we believe history will designate as the The Era of Digital Integrity.”

This new funding shows investors’ confidence that Ogury is in a strong position to help advertisers and publishers. Ogury can show them how to navigate and thrive through CCPA and GDPR. Also, the company will be able to prepare them for other upcoming privacy regulations in the US and Europe. 

“Every [venture capitalist] is scared about regulation, as they know the entire industry will be regulated and they don’t know how the [ad tech] companies will react to that,” Pasquet told Adweek. “Because we started the company asking for the users’ consent, regulation for us is a blessing.”

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