Top Down Diversity

  • by Mack McKelvey
  • Jun 10, 2015


In my second contributed piece on, I tackle an issue I’ve been silent on for far too long – Diversity from the top down.

Diversity doesn’t just mean gender. Yes, there are far too few women on boards and on management teams—that’s well known and well documented. I’ve been in the tech industry for nearly 19 years. I’ve witnessed it and I’ve been part of it. As a CEO, the only thing I can do is to try to improve upon what research is showing–companies that have more diversity at senior levels (and all the way down) are more profitable, employees are happier, etc.

But hiring a bunch of women and slapping them on boards and management teams isn’t the answer either. Achieving diversity also means hiring leaders with different backgrounds and education levels, voices and perspectives, styles, expertise, geographies, sectors, ethnicities, ages and yes, gender.

In the article, I shared my personal process for selecting SalientMG’s Board of Advisors (Click here to see our active board members). It was not an easy process, but hopefully by sharing some of my own experience, I can help other CEOs think about top down Board/Exec selection a bit differently.

I welcome your comments, thoughts and suggestions: or @mackmckelvey on Twitter.


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