Best Practices

Restaurant Life: 6 Lessons Learned

  • by Mack McKelvey
  • Apr 20, 2015

I learned quite a bit about efficiency, management and teamwork from my first job. For my first article for Entrepreneur, I attempted to capture some of my key takeaways from my time as a hostess and waitress when I was a teenager. I was able to reconnect with the owners and managers of The Crab […]


Always be Prepared: One Account Director’s Motto

  • by SalientMG Team
  • Mar 19, 2015

I was never a Boy Scout. And I’m pretty sure my second grade self only went to Girl Scout meetings for the cookies (because who doesn’t love Thin Mints?), but, in my years in account management, I’ve learned to live by the Scout’s Motto: Always be prepared. I’ve always been a classic Type A personality […]


Online Publishers Use Data to Drive Visibility

  • by SalientMG Team
  • Mar 02, 2015

Data…it’s everywhere. I recently read an article on TheNextWeb (sponsored by SimilarWeb) that underscores this point, talking about how popular business-focused journals – Business Insider, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune and Fast Company are using data to shape their content by analyzing keyword search terms. Makes sense, right? Online publishers are seeking a strategy […]


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