Introducing Salient Quanta

  • by SalientMG Team
  • May 13, 2015

Over my career, I’ve worked for companies of all sizes. One of the biggest struggles I’ve seen start-ups face is securing the budget for experienced marketing talent. Marketing is a revenue driver but to small companies with limited capital, marketing is often at the bottom of the list. That’s why I’m so excited to launch our latest product, Salient Quanta.


Salient Quanta levels the playing field for small companies and start-ups by offering quick, cost efficient access to top tier marketing experts. Companies can book one-on-one consulting time or purchase the development of custom marketing assets, such as case studies, sales presentations and press releases. Salient Quanta provides a quick marketing accelerant without a huge investment.

We built this product with a focus on affordable expertise. Salient Quanta shares our knowledge, techniques and tools so our clients can quickly build stable marketing foundations, solve issues and win in-market without diverting internal budgets and resources. No contracts and no long term commitments necessary.

We’re offering three different services to start:

Book one-on-one time with a marketing expert. Get advice that is laser focused on solving your business challenges.

Purchase quick turnaround projects that help you reach your sales and marketing goals. Projects are available for design, messaging, PR, product marketing, research, sales enablement, and social needs.

Get access to SalientMG’s vast network of connections for recruiting or business development.
Our roadmap is packed with additions to Salient Quanta in the coming weeks and months. We’ll add more projects, introduce new services, and have a few surprises up our sleeves. Keep checking back to see what’s new.

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