SALIENT SPOTLIGHT: Ashley Daly, CEO/Founder, BeCandylicious

  • by SalientMG Team
  • Sep 25, 2019

This week, SalientMG would like to spotlight Ashley Daly, BeCandylicious’s founder and president, for being featured in Alan Hart’s Marketing Today podcast.

Ashley Daly launched BeCandylicious, a premium clothing brand inspired by all things candy, in 2016.  

Recently Ashley Daly, the president & founder of BeCandylicious, was featured on Alan Hart’s Marketing Today podcast series to share her story of launching BeCandylicious, a direct-to-consumer fashion brand.

In this podcast episode, Ashley Daly talks about leaving her well respected corporate role as SVP of Global Marketing at Experian Marketing Service to pursue her personal dream of launching a fashion label. Only a few years into the launch of BeCandylicious, and she’s well into realizing that dream. 

Ashley speaks to her entrepreneurial journey and how she handled the adjustment of working in the corporate world to launching her own business. She talks about the feedback that helped grow her business. Ashley also gives insight into how she’s leveraging social media and word-of-mouth to grow sales. Alan Hart also asks Ashley about her concerns throughout the marketplace. 

Ashley Daly also says living in an era of high technological advancement has been helpful because, “we have more opportunities than we’ve ever had because of that technology and we’ve actually built our website and e-commerce platform on Shopify, where originally I wanted to build something from the ground up.”

A very sentimental Daly also gets personal, as she talks about why she wanted to launch BeCandylicious. She explains what motivates her to continue striving for success. Daly also talks about the advice she would give her younger self. A rather import piece of the episode is Ashley’s purpose. And why the BeCandylicious brand has such a large impact in our current society. 

Ashley’s advice for other startup entrepreneurs? “An idea is only as good as it is executed. So many people will have ideas. It’s those that actually are willing to implement them and put in the hard work. Who chase after it and make it a reality that separates those from just ideas.”

The full podcast is available here


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