SALIENT SPOTLIGHT: Catherine Tabor on ‘Building a Local Merchant Operating System’

  • by SalientMG Team
  • Nov 20, 2019

This week, SalientMG would like to spotlight Catherine Tabor for her recent guest appearance on StreetFight’s Heard on the Street podcast. 

During her interview with Michael Boland, Catherine Tabor speaks about building a local merchant operating system. Catherine is the CEO and founder of Sparkfly. Sparkfly launched in 2013 and Catherine has been noted as a retail tech pioneer ever since. 

Last week, Mike Boland from StreetFight Magazine’s “Heard on the Street” podcast interviewed Catherine Tabor, CEO/Founder of Sparkfly. 

During her interview, Catherine talks about Sparfkly and the company’s premise. She explains how the company integrates several local merchant functions through the single jumping-off point of its local merchant platform. This includes apps for customer acquisition, loyalty, and other pre-integrated functions.

“We do that by building this real-time bi-directional item-level interface to in-store systems,” Tabor said.”And we have this intelligence layer that through our APIs can go and connect all of these different third-party providers. So we can power a loyalty provider or an SMS provider and easily allow those different third-party vendors to interface with these in-store systems in a way that doesn’t require a 12-month integration project.”

Sparkfly’s flagship point of sale system (POS) is the central point of integration for these apps, which makes sense because it sits at the “last mile.” In other words, having marketing and customer acquisition tools directly integrated to one’s POS allows for better tracking, attribution, and a direct line to revenue performance.

Catherine also shares her entrepreneurial story. She talks to her personal side as she shares her passions and hobbies. Tabor also guesses what her profession would be if she hadn’t started Sparkfly.

At the end of the episode, Catherine also shares what tech startups she’s most excited about. 

Make sure to listen in to Catherine’s interview to see what she sees in the future for Sparkfly and what we should all expect from Sparkfly for 2020! 

The full podcast episode is available here.


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