SALIENT SPOTLIGHT: Marcus Startzel, CEO, Whitebox

  • by SalientMG Team
  • Oct 09, 2019

This week, SalientMG would like to spotlight Marcus Startzel, the CEO of Whitebox.

Marcus Startzel joined Whitebox in January of 2019 to lead the company and its end-to-end eCommerce technology platform. What Marcus likes to call, “from factory floor to front door.” 

Marcus Startzel, CEO at Whitebox, was recently featured on Alan Hart’s Marketing Today podcast to share the strategy and success behind powering the D2C economy by providing an entire eCommerce operation in a single package. 

He explains, “in its simplest form, Whitebox is an eCommerce technology sales and logistics platform. Very plainly spoken, we help our clients sell stuff and move stuff as they engage with consumers.” Whitebox also just closed a $5M Series A funding round this past summer.

Alan Hart and Marcus Startzel discuss his professional background, where Marcus is able to speak to his early Navy experience. Marcus explains how it started and shaped his career. He also explains his career progression from the start to where he is now, being named Whitebox’s CEO in January of 2019. 

After learning about Marcus Startzel’s career path, he then speaks to the advantage for customers using Whitebox. Marcus gives insight into other companies he watches in the D2C space. And Marcus talks about the importance of having powerful awareness in the marketplace and with partners.

When asked what it takes in order to succeed in D2C Startzel said, “The bottom line is you have to have a great product. Great products shine. You could have great marketing that sells an average product. But when you are talking about standing up a direct-to-consumer today and taking it to market, it’s got to start with a great product that answers some consumer demand.”

Listen to the full podcast to hear valuable advice and what motivates Marcus to keep going. Also, he hints towards a few brands he thinks the industry should pay attention to. You won’t want to miss that!

The full podcast is available here.


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