Online Publishers Use Data to Drive Visibility

  • by SalientMG Team
  • Mar 02, 2015


Data…it’s everywhere.

I recently read an article on TheNextWeb (sponsored by SimilarWeb) that underscores this point, talking about how popular business-focused journals – Business Insider, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune and Fast Company are using data to shape their content by analyzing keyword search terms. Makes sense, right? Online publishers are seeking a strategy to increase their rank in search like most companies.

SimilarWeb analyzed site traffic and found technology focused searches were leading the way and driving significant traffic. In fact, the number one traffic driver for 2014 was the word “iPhone”, which sent over 10 million and 3 million visits respectively to Forbes and Business Insider. Katie Moffatt, the author of the article reports that as a result of these discoveries, these publications are now including more technology related content to meet the needs of their evolving viewership, or more specifically, they are following the data trends and writing more articles about the iPhone.

So what does this mean? We can use data to make our work better, smarter, more efficient, and in this case, it’s as simple as letting the data drive a content strategy. This doesn’t just apply to publishers though, but can be useful to marketers in almost all fields. Using data as the foundation of a strategy will ensure that we connect relevant content to our ever-changing audience, it helps with agility and equips us with the information necessary to understand what is working, what isn’t, and become better marketers in general.

Read the article here: You’re more likely to read this article because the headline contains the word ‘iPhone’


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