The Role of PR in a Larger Marketing Organization

  • by SalientMG Team
  • Mar 31, 2015


Too often, PR work is considered synonymous with media relations. The value of an agency or individual rep is tied to how many “hits” they can deliver or their relationships with media.

Yes, media coverage is a part of the job (and certainly one of the most visible and measureable parts), but to say that media coverage is the entire job for today’s PR professional is not representative of how the role has evolved.

Large-scale media pushes are not always the best move for a client (i.e. a product isn’t ready to be reviewed, there are no clients/results to validate claims, etc.), and when this is the case, there are still countless ways a PR/Communications professional can help a business outside of simply getting an article placed.

At SalientMG, this is particularly evident, since we generally operate as a whole marketing organization, and not as a traditional PR firm. We blend Product Marketing, Creative Design, Digital and more, and through all of this, I personally try to take PR best practices and apply them to other marketing disciplines.

When you think about what usually makes a pitch to a reporter successful, there are a few key elements: there is a good story, it’s being told succinctly and it’s being told to the right person.

PR teams should not be afraid to apply these same principles to other parts of the organization. Even when a company is not ready for press coverage, they still need to be able to tell their story in a clear and concise matter, and they need to make sure they are speaking to the right people.

I recently had a chance to expand on this topic in PRNewser, in an article called How to Create Value Beyond ‘Hits’.

I’d welcome feedback from my colleagues in the industry on if this reflects your experience. Email me at or reach me on Twitter @max_nelson.


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