Most Powerful Women in Mobile Advertising 2014

  • by Mack McKelvey
  • Sep 16, 2014


“Men tend to dominate the mobile advertising world. Last year, only one woman made our list of the most powerful people in mobile advertising. So we asked readers and companies to nominate who they thought are the most influential women in the business. We also asked that they nominate at least one other competitor to ensure the list wasn’t self-serving. We also consulted with Erin “Mack” McKelvey, CEO of SalientMG, whose knowledge of the mobile ad business far exceeds our own.

The final rankings are based on the size of shops run by these women, as well as their revenue numbers. The rankings favor companies that disclose revenues or spending. This is, by no means, a complete list of all the influential women in the mobile advertising business. It is, however, a representation of some of the most powerful women out there, who are running big businesses with large client bases and sizeable revenues to report.”
–Business Insider’s Katie Richards, September, 2014

Here’s why Business Insider asked me to contribute: Methodology

Here’s the full list of terrific, powerful women Katie assembled: Meet The 32 Most Powerful Women In Mobile Advertising

Only three years old, the list has been a huge positive force since Jim Edwards started it in the summer of 2012. I was fortunate enough to be listed on it the first two years, and contribute in year three as Katie mentioned in her article. I try to keep a close eye on female peers you don’t see as constants on the conference circuit—those who yield their power either in front or behind the scenes. In 2014, I nominated women that I felt would make the largest contribution in 2014/2015, using the lens of revenue as the guiding principal.

If the lens to define the most powerful is the revenue and budgets that these powerful women control, the 2014 list is strong.

I nominated not only some of the most senior women at the largest buyers/spenders, but I also nominated industry pioneers like Laura Marriott (only female CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association), CEO of NeoMedia; Erica Chriss, SVP of Publisher Development at Opera, and Steph Bauer Marshall, Director at Precision Market Insights from Verizon who continue to drive growth in the sector. There are other industry pioneers for whom I have great respect, like Polly Leiberman, VP of Sales at Drawbridge; Joy Liuzzo, Principal, Product Marketing at Amazon; Erin Wilson, now Senior Strategist at Advance Digital; and Chandra Hill Macias, SVP at Gogii (formerly SVP of Monetization at MySpace) who deserve recognition as the additional pioneers that continue to fight the good fight for mobile growth and innovation. There are others who have exploded onto the scene and either control significant budgets, are pushing the industry forward through education, or are developing new mobile products. I think about women like Rachel Pasqua, the head of mobility at MEC; Anna Nguyen, COO of PlaceIQ; Jill Murry, Digital Analytics at PacSun (previously Nordstrom and Kohls before that); Francie Staub, Director of Digital at TD Ameritrade; and Barbara Pamplin, Global Marketing, Microsoft.

Keep a close eye on all of these women. Each has contributed greatly throughout their careers to the mobile ad/marketing industry. You may know of some of them—I highly recommend you get to know all of them.

Some would ask why this list is so important to me. It’s simple—most women aren’t self-promotional and in case you haven’t noticed, solving the diversity disparity is a constant and important topic of conversation. I don’t believe in giving it lip-service, I believe that each of us can impact it. Women tend to keep their heads down, focusing on their jobs versus external recognition. But external recognition is what they need, if not for their own egos, to inspire the next wave of women behind them–to shine a light on the diverse and powerful roles available for women to pursue in this growing field. Without lists like this, where would the next gen of women find inspiration and role models? So I’m happy to contribute my time and energy to ensuring the industry is recognizing those women that are truly driving it forward.

So, here’s the question back to you—Who did we miss? What woman is innovating and/or growing the mobile ad industry? – I welcome the intros/suggestions.


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