Reflections from Advertising Week Europe

  • by Mack McKelvey
  • Apr 09, 2015

I’ve had the pleasure of serving on the Advisory Council of Advertising Week Europe for the past two years and I’ve watched the conference grow into an incredible collection of talent, expertise and knowledge sharing. The team at Stillwell Partners and the Lighthouse Company has built the event into the best advertising and marketing conference in Europe, and it has become a “can’t miss” show, much like their New York event.

Mobile Is The New Black - Advertising Week Europe

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Similar to Advertising Week NY, the role of mobile at Advertising Week Europe is a topic that seemingly grows in importance every year. Yet, there still seems to be an ‘us and them’—those that understand the power and place for mobile in the media plan and those that just don’t. For those of us that do, it’s somewhat frustrating that many in the advertising industry still are not sure what to make of mobile, so it makes sense that when large group of marketers and industry advocates come together, it is a topic that is top of mind.

At the show this year, there were multiple mobile-focused panels and tracks, and I had the opportunity to moderate “Mobile is the New Black” with mobile leaders Jon Buss, U.K. managing director of Criteo; Greg Grimmer, chief operating officer of Fetch; Ben Maher, U.K. advertising director for Mashable; Chris Ricketts, sales director at The Telegraph of London; and Rebecca Swift, director of creative planning at Getty Images.

As I thought about the impact mobile has had on Advertising Week Europe, and the industry at large, I found the title of the panel to be very fitting. Black is a staple of any wardrobe.

Black is not something you wear to stand out and be different, but it something that you need in your closet. That has become true with mobile as well. Mobile used to be seen as something that was a nice to have, but today given its pervasive ownership and constant consumer engagement, it is an imperative.

I recently recapped the panel in Mobile Marketer::

The full panel is also available to view on the Advertising Week Europe site:

I want to say thanks to all the panelists for a great discussion, and congrats to the team at Stillwell Partners and the Lighthouse Company for another great Advertising Week Europe.


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