Relationships and Impeccable Execution

  • by Mack McKelvey
  • Oct 09, 2014

This year, I had the pleasure of serving on the Advertising Week Advisory Board in Europe and now, by joining the Advisory Board in the US as well, I’m able to work more closely with the Stillwell team, some of the most elite marketers in Europe and the US, and bring mobile flavor to both events.

Any marketer will tell you that events can either be a tremendous amount of wasted energy/money OR, if executed correctly, with the right partners, events can create a memorable platform for a brand. We work with the Advertising Week team year after year (I believe 2014 was my fifth or sixth Ad Week) as they truly are the epitome of the latter.

This year, we had two clients participating at the highest levels of Advertising Week NY. Stephanie Mantlemacher joined SalientMG as a consultant to develop and execute highly visible, strategic and unique programs for each client. Although I didn’t work directly with Stephanie at XM in DC, I knew her by reputation. She was one of the earliest employees at XM, so she knew that ‘wringing out every nickel’ is critical at events. At XM, she led events that included everything from CES to the Grammy’s, and Oprah to Nascar. She teamed up with the marketing organization to create memorable event experiences at retail and auto launches, trade shows and music festivals. Stephanie’s deep experience with diverse industries and budgets, client objectives and event types enables her to tackle any event with style, incredible efficiency, adept budget management – and with her clients’ objectives always top of mind.

Both clients achieved all (if not more) of their event goals at Advertising Week NY.

Shannon Suydam also joined SalientMG to lead business development and partner marketing strategies as a senior consultant for our clients. She brings an incredible pedigree. Shannon has been a disruptive business and partner development leader for more than a decade. She brings SalientMG’s clients a wealth of knowledge and experience, having built the Corporate Partner portfolio at XM Satellite Radio, which included partnerships with Starbucks, United Airlines, AirTran Airlines, JetBlue Airwats, AOL, Avis, and DirecTV. Additionally, Shannon led marketing and managed business development initiatives at Sony Pictures Entertainment, Watson Wyatt and Discovery Networks. She has also been a consultant to large and mid-sized companies to help build marketing and business development strategies. Shannon has worked with a broad array of partners and, through her experience and expertise, can quickly identify strategic goals for her partners and recommend the RIGHT business solutions that achieve their goals and maximize ROI.

Stephanie and Shannon know that strategic marketing plans only get our client companies so far—at SalientMG, we are a senior team of strategists and execution specialists. Our job is to ensure our clients are in-market, and visible at the highest levels possible, with the most effective and efficient programs possible.



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