SALIENT SPOTLIGHT: Catherine Tabor Named Top 50 Woman Leader in SaaS for 2019

  • by SalientMG Team
  • Oct 30, 2019

This week, SalientMG would like to spotlight Catherine Tabor for being announced a Top 50 Woman Leader in SaaS

Catherine Tabor is a multi-faceted tech founder, CEO, and now named a Woman Leader in SaaS. 

Catherine Tabor, founder and CEO of Sparkfly, was just announced as one of The Top 50 Women Leaders in SaaS of 2019 by The Software Report

The 2019 awardees were selected based on their character and their impact within their organization. The Software Report shared, “These awardees are some of the most accomplished women across the software industry. This year, we would also like to recognize the companies which these leaders represent because they helped create an environment where a woman could thrive in her career. Moreover, these companies and the individuals that make up each organization believe in a culture that celebrates and supports the advancement of women.”

There is a close evaluation in order to select each 2019 women leader awardees. There were also a large number of nomination submissions received. Judges paid particular attention to substantive comments about each nominee’s character and accomplishments. The Software Report also chose Catherine because of the degree to which she positively impacted her organization. The titles of the awardees include a good number of CEOs, founders, and presidents. However, position in the company was just one factor among many that went into the selection process.

For Catherine’s award nomination, an industry colleague said, “Catherine Tabor is a pioneer in retail tech and one of the foremost experts of in-store and commerce digital marketing technology. For the past ten years Sparkfly has been the ‘best-kept-secret’ in retail tech. Given the results her clients have seen, it’s safe to say, the secret is out.”

Congratulations to Catherine Tabor, the SalientMG team is excited to see what you and the Sparkfly Team accomplish next!

The full Top 50 List of SaaS Leaders is available here


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