SALIENT SPOTLIGHT: Hayley Bradway Joins Whitebox As VP of Marketing

  • by SalientMG Team
  • Sep 05, 2019

This week, SalientMG would like to spotlight Whitebox and their recent announcement highlighting hiring Hayley Bradway.

Hayley Bradway was recently announced as the new Vice President of Marketing for Whitebox. Whitebox is a leading eCommerce platform providing expertise in both logistics and fulfillment. They also provide digital advertising and analytics expertise to help brands capitalize on the changing consumer behavior that has fueled the growth of the direct-to-consumer industry. 

Exciting news to come out of Whitebox today as they announce hiring Hayley Bradway onto their leadership team. Hayley will be the new Vice President of Marketing for Whitebox. 

Whitebox recently announced a $5 million Series A round and have also moved into a new Holabird Avenue space that puts its tech team beside the warehouse space where products are readied and shipped. Now, they want to put focus behind marketing their eCommerce fulfillment platform and Hayley is first in line.

CEO Marcus Startzel said the company is adding attention to growing its client base. “We’ve got repeatable success. We’ve got product-market fit,” said Startzel, who is also a former executive with Millennial Media and Now, he said, one point of emphasis is, “How do we take it to the next level through our marketing?” 

Hayley brings 15 years of experience working with Baltimore-based teams, including advertising and technology companies. Prior to Whitebox, she worked with companies including Lotame, AOL, Millennial Media, DAP Products, and Struever Bros. Eccles & Rouse. 

When asked about the her new role, Bradway said, “The excitment and energy in talking about the opportunity, mission and plan over the coming months and years made it a no-brains.”

Hayley graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Mass Communications. She also received her MBA at Loyola University in Maryland.

Hayley will be the company’s first marketing-focused hire. Good Luck, Hayley! 

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