The Rise of the 1099ers?

  • by Mack McKelvey
  • Jan 20, 2015


We have been tracking the ‘Shared Economy’ for some time now here at SalientMG. We are fans of Uber and have tried several online and mobile marketplaces, including Craig’s List, Next Door, Angie’s List, and There are numerous “jobs” apps, but we are particularly excited about the Moonlighting app. The CEO, Jeff Tennery, was a colleague at Millennial Media, where he was at the center of the app ecosystem. As SVP of the Monetization team, he studied and consulted on monetization strategies for developers; and he helped create one of the largest mobile publisher platforms in the market. He thinks mobile-first and Moonlighting was created exactly for that purpose. It’s constructed for simplicity—in a world that’s moving at the pace of mobile.

The Moonlighting app has had some incredible success out of the gate with Moonlighters in 49 states, mostly through guerilla marketing tactics devised and executed from the Charlottesville marketing firm, Radical (check out these clever marketers). In fact, Moonlighting is currently being featured as one of the top recommended business apps in the App Store. Check out their first Mobile Optimized On-Demand Network (MOON) report on the 1099 Workforce (we can’t take credit for this), as there’s some good data based on the app’s data:

  • Demographic (include mom snapshot)
  • Top 5 resolutions
  • Growth in small business work
  • Job (white vs blue collar) & Goods split
  • Average gig size

I encourage everyone to download the app, use it and send your feedback to the Moonlighting team. Watch for more from this company in 2015.

*Editorial note—SalientMG built Moonlighting’s marketing foundation and assets pre-beta launch throughout Q3 2014. Moonlighting is not currently a client, but we are avid supporters.


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