The State of Mobile Measurement

  • by SalientMG Team
  • Jan 30, 2015


When talking about mobile advertising, one issue that’s hard to avoid is measurement and attribution. Measurement has been a problem in mobile advertising for years, and while great strides have been made since the early days of mobile, it’s still a hot button issue for most players in the mobile ad ecosystem.

At SalientMG, our experience with mobile advertising has made us very familiar with the latest measurement tools, and this is something that we’re actively involved with helping our clients and partners navigate. recently wrote an article looking at the state of mobile measurement, and our CEO, Mack McKelvey, contributed to the piece and spoke about her viewpoint.

Other executives who joined Mack in contributing to the piece came from Adobe, the IAB and Digitas LBi, and I encourage everyone to check out the article.

Here is a link: Are We There Yet? The Rocky Road To Mobile Measurement


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