2017 Client Highlights (so far!)

  • by SalientMG Team
  • Jun 30, 2017

At SalientMG, we take pride in client success: hearing they landed a major client, secured funding or did something to further their business objectives and increase their bottom line. Really, that’s the most important thing.

But, we also take pride in the marketing initiatives and articles that increase visibility and exposure to help accelerate the deals – that’s the part of the puzzle we can impact.

In honor of these client wins, we’re launching a new monthly series where we spotlight some of our favorite media placements and bylines secured by SalientMG.

To kick things on, here are some of our favorite placements from the first half of the year.

DC INNO – ICX Media Scores Major Business Video Series Deal – January 11, 2017

Local tech publication DC INNO published an article highlighting ICX Media’s partnership deal with Talaria Media’s Pivotal Plays, spotlighting stories of notable business leaders in D.C., New York and Los Angeles. Pivotal Plays is using ICX Media’s platform to find fantastic creators and producers as well as develop a strategy to promote the series on digital channels, including Facebook and YouTube.

InsideBIGDATA – Pulling Back the Curtain of Location Data – February 12, 2017

InsideBIGDATA published a byline from UberMedia CEO Gladys Kong highlighting how mobile location data has affected businesses. It’s spreading from the marketing and advertising space into a wide variety of industries, from retailers to quick service restaurants, financial institutions, tourism boards and beyond,

Forbes – Moonlighting Takes The Gig Economy To The Next Freelancing Level – February 27, 2017

Forbes profiled Moonlighting and how it is “redefining the way we all look at employment and providing the entry point for millions to join the Gig Economy 2.0” through a strong network of partnerships with digital publishers.

CIO.com – How location data can transform your business – March 9, 2017

This was the first blog post for Gladys’ new CIO.com blog, Data in the Digital Age. Other topics in the first half of 2017 included data disrupting the car-buying experience and television monetization.

Pasadena Business Now – Women Tech CEOs From Kosovo to California Talk Business, Share Personal Experiences as Leaders – May 11, 2017

To promote Gladys’ participation in the Fortune/State Department’s Global Women Mentoring Partnership program, local business publication Pasadena Business Now spoke to Gladys about her interest in mentoring the next generation of female leaders.


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