Coming Home, Again

  • by SalientMG Team
  • Jul 13, 2020

It was late May and I was enjoying a quiet evening at home when I got a text from my former (and now current) boss, Mack McKelvey, asking if I had time to connect. By the end of our conversation, I had a new job offer and a lot to think about. 

I had previously been working for the District Department of Small and Local Business Development, Mayor Muriel Bowser’s agency that is responsible for the growth and development of Washington D.C.’s small and local business community. As many people know, good government jobs are both hard to come by and known for the stability they offer when it comes to your future. I enjoyed working with the agency’s Director and my background in retail made that position a given fit in my life. But something was missing, and I didn’t fully realize what that was until right now. 

I met Mack in 2017 when she’d first reached out about a job opportunity, and I immediately felt drawn to her passion, excitement and dogged determination. I knew then I was not only gaining a mentor and friend for life, but that the work we would produce together would be remarkable. And, as life would have it, Mack would come back and ask me to join her again for another stint at producing remarkable work together. How could I say no?! 

As for that “thing” I was missing in my previous job? I am quite certain it was the feeling of being “home.” For most people, a job is something you do between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., but I am not most people. I’ve never looked at a job as what I do to fill my day – I’ve always looked at it as what I do to fulfill my personal needs when it comes to helping others be excellent. As a PR professional especially, I find it extremely rewarding when I am able to make connections and promote the good work of those I am working with. 

When I was with the National Retail Federation, managing the association’s industry and consumer media relations initiatives, we would host a press event at the famous 21 Club in New York City every January while NRF’s annual trade event was taking place. A very large part of my job would be to wander the rooms and help make appropriate introductions between the media and executives we would invite. After 13 hours on my feet at the conference, I can easily say there are no shoes designed to allow for comfort after that long of a day. But the minute the reception got started and the reporters I’d known for years started walking in that door, the pain would vanish and I would go into full-on “help mode.” 

I can say with complete confidence that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. SalientMG provides me a sense of being home, a sense of importance and a sense of fulfillment that words simply do not adequately describe. I love what Mack has built at SalientMG, and I love that I am able to join the team and contribute my expertise, again. 

I didn’t need long to make my decision to rejoin Salient. I knew right away what my answer would be. I knew the feeling of coming home again was just what I needed to feel completely whole, again.

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