Data-Driven Productivity

  • by Mack McKelvey
  • Jul 02, 2015

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For this contributed piece for Fortune, I was asked to tackle the subject of productivity. How do leaders remain focused on productivity?

“In its purest definition, productivity means that value is being created. It shouldn’t be confused with measuring the amount of work that has been completed. The more senior an employee or executive becomes, the more value he or she should bring to his or her company; therefore maximizing and measuring productivity is key for any organization.

There are six facets that are inextricably linked to actual productivity; Data, Planning, Time Management, Accountability, Measurement, and Reward. List creation is not one of the facets, although it may be a portion of the planning. Time Management is subjective and is difficult to impose one formula on an employee, as every individual has a way they work most efficiently. In fact each facet could be tailored to fit a company or an individual, but it’s the combination of all five that are critical…”

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