Claudia Cotici

Graphic Design Specialist

Claudia is a graphic designer and illustrator specializing in storytelling and infographics. With over 6 years of experience in telling a brand’s story through infographics and branding, Claudia has designed hundreds of graphics and infographics using a clean, flat, minimalistic style.

Her clients include range from budding startups to well-known brands, including Samsung and Dr. Oetker. Starwood Hotels, L’Oréal, Toggl, Lifehacker and recently Government of Canada, Department of Veterans Affairs.

Claudia was the lead designer and illustrator for the Government of Canada for Veterans Affairs Department Budget 2017 campaign, where she successfully ideated, designed and executed illustrations to represent the new Budget 2017 programs. She also worked for The Guardian, creating ads for the renowned newspaper and developed the the “Life of an infographic” program, available on Skillshare.

Claudia holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and masters in advertising from Hyperion University in Bucharest, Romania.

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