“Mobile and digital have changed the way brands approach marketing, and I’ve seen that firsthand through my experience working with leading luxury brands including Jaguar, Ferrari and Audi.

The team at SalientMG is at the center of this industry, and they are focused on solving some of the most important, yet least understood, issues in the market today. There is a genuine need for the services they provide. ”

Jeff Curry

Chief Marketing Officer Consultant

Former VP Marketing, Jaguar

Jeff Curry is a veteran marketer of luxury goods and technology products, and is now a senior advisor to Undercurrent. Applying years of client-side experience, Curry works with Undercurrent clients like GE, American Express, and PepsiCo, and helps C-suite execs and marketing leaders transform their approach to team structures, marketing comms and product innovations.

In his most recent corporate role, Curry was responsible for the Jaguar business in the United States, where he initiated the aggressive brand transformation strategy now in process. Reporting to the president of Jaguar Land Rover North America, Curry was a member of the company’s 5-person Executive Committee and led the team charged with growing the Jaguar brand in the USA, directing product planning and the complete go-to-market strategy for communications, advertising, digital/social media, retail marketing, experiential events and brand partnerships.

Prior to joining Jaguar Land Rover, Curry was Vice President of Marketing for Ferrari North America, where he oversaw marketing communications, events, GT and customer motorsports, digital media and product launches. With a total focus on building enduring brand desire and passionate advocacy, a sophisticated CRM system was used to deliver personalized, preference-based communications offering access to a range of exclusive Ferrari lifestyle experiences, client-only programs and driving events.

Previous to Ferrari, Curry headed up Audi’s e-mobility business startup in the USA, planning the complete go-to-market strategy for the Audi e-tron line of plug-in electric vehicles. He was also responsible for driving the brand communications, market preparation pilots and strategic partnerships related to the Audi sustainable mobility vision.

In 2010, Curry founded GreenCurry Consulting, specializing in advising companies in the development of innovative products and services suited to future consumer needs for OEM automotive, luxury brand, green-tech, and other consumer product industries.

Previous to that, Curry worked in venture capital and startup fundraising in Silicon Valley where he became Head of Global Product Marketing at Better Place, a pioneering early-stage electric car network operator. Additionally, Curry served as Vice President, Marketing for XM Satellite Radio, where he was responsible for establishing the popular satellite radio category in the new car market, and held multiple positions at Land Rover North America, Inc., including Manager, Retail Relations and Brand Manager, Range Rover and Defender Products.

Curry’s passion for the car business is deeply rooted in his childhood. A native of Indiana, Curry grew up surrounded by cars and car lovers; his grandfather owned a dealership, where he spent his formative years and some of his earliest childhood memories include his family’s annual visit to the Indianapolis 500 race. In addition to a passion for automobiles, advertising and luxury products, Curry appreciates product design, mid-century modernism and is an admitted information junkie and pop-culture fan.

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