“Figuring out how to tighten up internal operations can often be the piece that allows a small company to become a big one, and while each business is unique, there are key best practices that are applicable across different companies and verticals.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mack and others on the Salient team in the past to apply these best practices in the field, and I look forward to assisting the SMG team however I can in the future.”

Kerry Nagle

Chief Operating Officer, East Daley Capital

Kerry Nagle is the CPO of a cryptocurrency/blockchain company.

Known for her incredible work ethic and team-oriented approach, Kerry specializes in building high performing teams, collaborating across C-level suites and designing company infrastructures to ensure scalability and efficient performance.

Kerry has spent more than 10 years in the digital advertising space including companies such as Advertising.com and Millennial Media (NYSE: MM).

As Millennial Media’s 14th employee, Kerry established daily business operations, policies, protocols, and procedures that directly contributed to the company’s growth from less than 15 employees and $5M in revenue, to 600 employees worldwide, $341.8M in annual revenue and a successful public offering.

Kerry held several different executive roles at Millennial Media, with the most recent being Senior Vice President of International Corporate Development. In this position, Kerry built the company’s presence in Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America, further enhancing the depth of her operational knowledge across cultures and economies.

With experience on both the buy and sell side of acquisitions, Kerry also led comprehensive due diligence efforts at Millennial Media, as well as the successful integration of a $200M competitive stock acquisition.

Kerry has also been a member of various advertising and mobile groups such as the MMA and IAB, and was a contributing author of Mobile Marketing for Dummies.

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