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A strategic marketing agency for growth-stage B2B tech startups

A strategic marketing agency for growth-stage B2B tech startups

We are a team of “senior doers” — not just consultants — who identify clients’ salient points, then launch, accelerate, and streamline their marketing strategies and programs.

We are a team of “senior doers” — not just consultants — who identify clients’ salient points, then launch, accelerate, and streamline their marketing strategies and programs.

About Us

We don’t just brainstorm ideas. We roll up our sleeves and make them happen.

Plans for your strengths

There’s a reason why “salient” is in our name — because we identify the most striking, most important, most unique features of your business and use them to create B2B marketing strategies that drive your brand forward.

Marketing from every angle

Our senior marketers specialize in everything from digital marketing to executive visibility, product marketing, content marketing, demand generation, competitive intelligence, executive thought leadership, and more.

Unmatched B2B tech expertise

Whether your business focuses on adtech, edtech, fintech, retailtech, martech, ecommerce, or another innovative B2B tech sphere, we have a deep understanding of the nuances that can make or break your marketing success.

Unparalleled experience

Our strategic marketers have nearly 200 combined years of experience. We’ve worked on both sides of B2B tech — in startups and at agencies that market them. Plus, we're fully remote so we can hire the best in the world.

Solutions for every stage

Some of our clients have no in-house marketers. Some have a small overloaded staff. Some have junior marketers who need to “learn how to fish.” We have frameworks and resources to be an all-in partner for all growth stages.

A focus on business goals

True B2B marketing success is greater than the sum of its parts. A one-time media hit or a single product launch isn’t enough. We create holistic, scalable strategies that tie back to clients’ specific business objectives.

Our Clients

Our Solutions

Whether your goal is to enter a new market, stand out from the competition, generate more revenue, or garner attention for future fundraising, our strategic hands-on marketers offer a variety of solutions to help you do it.


With a sharp focus on women and underrepresented minority executives, we amplify their experience and insights by creating and executing outreach strategies to secure earned media placements, speaking opportunities, and awards.

Executive Thought Leadership Program

We help elevate and refine executives’ professional brands by using their ideas, thoughts, and perspectives to create thought leadership articles for top business publications including Forbes, Newsweek, and Rolling Stone.


With expertise in organic and paid strategies, marketing automation, content marketing, and demand generation, we build B2B marketing foundations, create synergy between content and distribution, and generate maximum impact.


We have a variety of solutions — including messaging and positioning, sales enablement, and competitive intelligence — so your teams can tell the right story, shorten your sales cycle, optimize go-to-market, and grow market share.

Our Insights

Our blog shares the insights, advice, and strategies growth-stage B2B tech startups need to grab a bigger share of the market.

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In The Market

Opposites don’t just attract, they make for successful startups, according to SalientMG CEO and Founder Mack McKelvey. Listen to Mack’s conversation with The ChangeUp’s Keith Hernandez on why profitable startups build DEI into their culture from the start and have leaders with complementary skill sets.

Being a strong leader means showing empathy and taking a stand on issues that impact your employees, according to SalientMG CEO and Founder Mack McKelvey. Read all of the advice she shared with Fast Company in an article about inspiring trust, building team morale, and encouraging an open-door policy.

In a recent Digiday article, SalientMG CEO and Founder Mack McKelvey weighed in on Hulu’s successful social media strategy and questioned whether the brand will go further to engage with social communities – such as launching trivia on ‘now-airing’ shows or having live social interactions with showrunners.

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