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3 Reasons Your Content’s Falling Short on the Sell

Marketers have a fine line to walk when creating content that converts. Of course, the ultimate goal is to drive revenue, but it’s also crucial to serve your audience expert insights. When your content is overzealous with the sell, you … Read More

The Smartest Marketing Content is Very Simple

If you’ve been on a B2B tech website, you’ve seen this sentence (or a near-identical version of it): “Our product bolsters operational efficiency for your organization through our innovative, cutting-edge software.” Basically, they’re saying they make stuff better. But what … Read More

Are You Wasting Time and Money? A Good Content Audit Has the Answer

Be honest. When’s the last time you cleaned out your closet? If you’re like most people, it’s something you say you’re going to do every year (or every season if you’re way more aspirational than I am), but it’s one … Read More

[Case Study] Filling the Entire Content Funnel for Impactful Lead Journeys

When one of SalientMG’s B2B tech startup clients only had a short landing page to try and convert prospects, partners, consumers, and investors, our content marketing experts sprang into action. See how our strategic and tactical expertise created a full-funnel … Read More

[Case Study] Building Content Foundations From the Ground Up

Some of SalientMG’s B2B tech startup clients don’t have an in-house marketing team, which usually means they don’t have the proper foundations and strategies in place. Discover how our content marketing experts were able to establish those foundations and create … Read More

The Solution for a Complex B2B Buying Process? A Full-Funnel Content Strategy

In Don Draper’s three-martini-lunch universe on Mad Men, the only content needed was a quick, catchy tagline. Don could come up with something like “Pass the Heinz” or “How do you say ‘hamburger’ in Farsi?” and check the content strategy … Read More

Effective Content Creation: How Marketing & Sales Differ

For every type of organization and organizational structure you can think of, there are at least as many different approaches to marketing and sales. Whether they work in tandem, succession or as independent touchpoints, there’s often an unappreciated recognition of … Read More