Growth Marketing

[Case Study] Marketing Operations Transformed: Upleveling and Unifying a High-Profile Advertising Program

When an age-old industry awards ceremony went hybrid, it ushered in the need for a new marketing operations strategy. Learn how SalientMG’s experts used cutting-edge technology to create a streamlined synergy between the live show, the livestream, and all of … Read More

SEO Isn’t One and Done: 5 Reasons to Keep it Fresh

Every time I do an SEO Audit for a client, I include a prioritized list of remediation strategies and tactics. One thing that’s always on that list? Ongoing SEO work because SEO is a process that never ends. Many organizations … Read More

Marketing is Now an Art-Science Hybrid — You Can Thank Data Privacy for the Shift

Remember when marketing was considered an art that focused solely on the nuances of human behavior and creative visions designed to make emotional connections? Then, as marketing tools evolved, marketers began thinking like scientists and solely powering campaigns by as … Read More

[Case Study] Messaging Designed for Rapid Growth

When tech startups receive a new round of funding, it opens up opportunities for new product additions — which requires product messaging and, oftentimes, fresh corporate messaging. That’s what happened to one of SalientMG’s clients, so our experts took them … Read More

[Case Study] Impactful Messaging to Close the B2B – B2C Gap

After seeing success in B2C tech, one of SalientMG’s clients moved into B2B tech — but didn’t know how to position themselves in the new market. Discover how our product marketing experts tackled market research, brand personality, new messaging, and … Read More

[Case Study] Driving Search Engine-Powered Visibility

Getting to the top of Google’s organic rankings isn’t easy, even when you’re a startup dedicated to advertising technology. Discover how SalientMG’s SEO Audit filled the gap for a B2B adTech company that didn’t have the in-house expertise to analyze … Read More

Visibility, Market Share, and Revenue — Behold the Power of SEO

There are 99,000 reasons to create, implement, and optimize a solid SEO strategy – because that’s how many Google searches there are every single second. The more search engine visibility you have, the greater your chances of increasing your market … Read More

[Case Study] Forging a Path to MQL Success Through Email Nurture

If you’re looking for a bigger return on the time and money investment you make to create a higher-funnel lead generation research report, quick follow-up communications are a must. Explore the content strategy SalientMG used to nurture these new leads … Read More

Your Startup (Literally) Can’t Afford to Skip Over Marketing Foundations

More often than not, when I say the words “marketing foundations,” people’s eyes start to glaze over a little bit. After all, the foundations aren’t the fun part — the leads and sales are. To be honest, setting up your … Read More

How Do You Spell Business Impact? S-E-O

The more I work with B2B tech startups, the more I see small SEO miscues that make a giant impact. You’re likely working around the clock to boost visibility, grow market share, and drive more revenue. SEO is a valuable … Read More