Growth Marketing

[Case Study] Driving Search Engine-Powered Visibility

Getting to the top of Google’s organic rankings isn’t easy, even when you’re a startup dedicated to advertising technology. Discover how SalientMG’s SEO Audit filled the gap for a B2B adTech company that didn’t have the in-house expertise to analyze … Read More

Visibility, Market Share, and Revenue — Behold the Power of SEO

There are 99,000 reasons to create, implement, and optimize a solid SEO strategy – because that’s how many Google searches there are every single second. The more search engine visibility you have, the greater your chances of increasing your market … Read More

[Case Study] Forging a Path to MQL Success Through Email Nurture

If you’re looking for a bigger return on the time and money investment you make to create a higher-funnel lead generation research report, quick follow-up communications are a must. Explore the content strategy SalientMG used to nurture these new leads … Read More

Your Startup (Literally) Can’t Afford to Skip Over Marketing Foundations

More often than not, when I say the words “marketing foundations,” people’s eyes start to glaze over a little bit. After all, the foundations aren’t the fun part — the leads and sales are. To be honest, setting up your … Read More

How Do You Spell Business Impact? S-E-O

The more I work with B2B tech startups, the more I see small SEO miscues that make a giant impact. You’re likely working around the clock to boost visibility, grow market share, and drive more revenue. SEO is a valuable … Read More