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The “What If” of Thought Leadership

You may not think of yourself as a storyteller, but we all have tales to tell and there are countless ways to share them with others. When it comes to storytelling and thought leadership, however, where do you begin?  Tell … Read More

Using Executive Thought Leadership to Reach Your Industry Peer Group and Transcend Expectations

Most people assume that thought leadership is just for senior executives. But it can be a helpful tool for those rising through the ranks of management. An increasing number of mid-career executives are now using thought leadership as a way … Read More

Executive Thought Leadership and the Halo Effect

Gayle and Ashley were dining at The Regency on Park Ave, a breakfast power spot they’d been frequenting for the past two decades. After a long and extremely successful corporate career, Ashley now served as a non-executive director on several … Read More

Pipeline Planning? Start With Thought Leadership

A strong pipeline of future leaders is crucial for a company’s success. However, internal talent management has typically been viewed as an expensive and arduous process. At its height, General Electric spent 1 billion each year on training for executives. … Read More

Ask Yourself These 4 Questions to See If You’re Ready for an Executive Thought Leadership Program

There’s nothing worse than signing up for a program without knowing the rules, the expectations and how much it’s going to cost. (And “cost” could mean dollars, time, energy or all of the above.) Before embarking on a thought leadership … Read More

It’s Not Just for Brands: Executives Need Thought Leadership, Too

Distinguishing between thought leadership and marketing content is an important first step in establishing or leveling up your brand. You already know you need to be strategic about investing time and money to reach the right audience for the right … Read More

What is a “Thought Leadership” Program and How Do You Create One?

I want to be a thought leader. When people say this, what they usually mean is: I want to be recognized. I want to be respected. I want people to value my opinion. These are all good things but they … Read More