Executive Visibility

Executive Brand-Building is Critical to Your Company’s Future Growth

Who comprises your brand? I don’t mean the products or services you sell, I mean who are the people whose blood, sweat, and tears are driving your organization forward? Who are the people on the inside who would inspire admiration … Read More

[Case Study] Amplifying an EdTech Visionary

When the pandemic flooded the market with online edTech options, our CEO client wanted to elevate himself as an edTech leader and differentiate his company for Fortune 500 prospects. See how SalientMG’s Executive Thought Leadership Program helped him lead the … Read More

What’s In a Name: Building a Professional Brand

I am always inspired by our clients–not just the work they do, but who they are as people. That kind of affinity has become a hallmark of modern brands, so I think it’s important that founders and executives are seen … Read More