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Don’t Let Your Data Go Dark — Make a Mission-Critical Move to Google Analytics 4 Now

Universal Analytics, the Google Analytics so many marketers know, love, and rely on, is going away for good in 2023 with G4 replacing it. What does that mean? Instead of just basing performance measurement on desktop web, independent sessions, and cookies, G4 measures traffic and engagement across your websites and apps. The end result is:

A unified, more complete view of your customer lifecycle that isn’t fragmented by different platforms or individual sessions

Attribution across your entire customer journey, not just the last click in your Analytics data

New insights and predictions from Google’s machine learning, including behavioral and conversion modeling
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[Case Study] Marketing Operations Transformed: Upleveling and Unifying a High-Profile Advertising Program

When an age-old industry awards ceremony went hybrid, it ushered in the need for a new marketing operations strategy. Learn how SalientMG’s experts used cutting-edge technology to create a streamlined synergy between the live show, the livestream, and all of … Read More

Meet Our Marketing Experts: Q&A with Mary Clare Rechtoris

How did you hear about SalientMG and why did you decide to join the firm? I was doing production work for multimedia, had gotten into integrated marketing and found myself in an events marketing role. I’m a writer first and … Read More

[Case Study] Messaging Designed for Rapid Growth

When tech startups receive a new round of funding, it opens up opportunities for new product additions — which requires product messaging and, oftentimes, fresh corporate messaging. That’s what happened to one of SalientMG’s clients, so our experts took them … Read More