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[Case Study] Marketing Operations Transformed: Upleveling and Unifying a High-Profile Advertising Program

When an age-old industry awards ceremony went hybrid, it ushered in the need for a new marketing operations strategy. Learn how SalientMG’s experts used cutting-edge technology to create a streamlined synergy between the live show, the livestream, and all of … Read More

Meet Our Marketing Experts: Q&A with Mary Clare Rechtoris

How did you hear about SalientMG and why did you decide to join the firm? I was doing production work for multimedia, had gotten into integrated marketing and found myself in an events marketing role. I’m a writer first and … Read More

[Case Study] Messaging Designed for Rapid Growth

When tech startups receive a new round of funding, it opens up opportunities for new product additions — which requires product messaging and, oftentimes, fresh corporate messaging. That’s what happened to one of SalientMG’s clients, so our experts took them … Read More

[Case Study] Impactful Messaging to Close the B2B – B2C Gap

After seeing success in B2C tech, one of SalientMG’s clients moved into B2B tech — but didn’t know how to position themselves in the new market. Discover how our product marketing experts tackled market research, brand personality, new messaging, and … Read More