During the pandemic, my husband and I made the decision to move to Vermont from Maryland (with a few months in NYC in between). 

It wasn’t a tough decision. We already have team members across North America, from NYC to DC, Florida, California, etc.

SalientMG was a remote-first company for the majority of our 8-year history. Now, after reflecting on the positive impact flexible environments have on our team, we are a remote-only company.

Why is this important?

We hire senior marketers at the top of their game. We attract those who have worked in B2B tech companies and start-ups; who love what they do, and love the freedom they have at SalientMG. Here, our team is incredibly strong and collaborative; we are senior doers who understand the challenges our clients face and want to see the impact our work can have on their businesses.

SalientMG is a place where innovators thrive because we don’t have the nonsense many of us have faced throughout our careers. Women, people of color, LGBTQ colleagues thrive here because we CRAVE diversity. We are inclusive in our core because we actively seek those that bring different backgrounds and perspectives our clients potentially haven’t considered. Diversity makes us stronger and it makes our clients stronger, it’s really that simple.

Are we perfect? No. But as we continue to grow (we doubled last year and are on track to double again this year) and hire, we are protective of each other. In order for all of us to thrive as a team, and deliver impact for our clients, we must find colleagues that share our values, live our spirit and deliver with pride. 

Strategy isn’t enough and execution isn’t enough–everyone here has to bring a blend of both. We work with growth-stage tech startups (between $10M-$100M). These companies hit natural growing pains on their path to success. Savvy, experienced in-house (start-up) marketers know how to help these clients launch, streamline, drive adoption and grow. That’s what we do and we seek others that want to join us. 

We don’t work with jerks (team or clients), we work with companies who embrace diversity and want to lead their industries.

Again, we aren’t perfect, but we are strong. We face our client challenges, course-correct and win together. 

We have team members facing health and home challenges. We have team members getting married, nurturing families (children and/or parents), exploring the world and yet, executing with their team members, for SMG’s clients.

If you are tired of working in opaque, toxic organizations where you are more of a number on a spreadsheet; you should check us out. We are transparent (to a fault), collaborative as hell, and proud of the workplace we have created.

We know every new hire will change us a bit. So as you choose your next role carefully, understand that we are choosy as well. Our clients expect us to be the best, so we want the best.

If you are at the top of your game and this sounds like a place you will thrive, check out our open positions or reach out to me directly: [email protected].  

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