At SalientMG we’re in the business of enabling growth. We focus on young technology companies to help them mature in those areas where they need an expert eye and a team of experienced hands. Now, we’re focusing that expert eye inward to empower our own growth.

Around the time we reached our eighth anniversary we realized our team was at an inflection point. Not only had we doubled in size over the past year, but we were on track to do that again. We took a hard look at the areas where we bring the most value. Rather than expanding for expansion’s sake, we wanted to concentrate our resources on consistently delivering a superior level of service in our brand marketing, growth marketing, and product marketing specialty areas.

These days, businesses can’t succeed by trying to do it all and simply touting that fact. In the age of Amazon, it’s not a differentiator and, particularly for growth-stage companies, it’s not sustainable. One of the first things we tell our clients is to understand who they are and then communicate that to the market. Clients and consumers want to know who they’re partnering with and buying from–more and more that comes down to an alignment of personal values rather than a value proposition.

Heeding our advice, for our recruitment strategy we began searching for professionals who are not only at the top of their game in our three specialty areas but aligned with our values. We wanted colleagues who easily mesh with a culture that revolves around individual responsibility, exceptional teamwork, and advocating on behalf of clients who are poised to do great things.

To say that I’m thrilled with our recently recruited team members is an understatement:

  • Director of GTM Strategy Terrence Carter leverages a strong IT background to optimize marketing launches and rebranding efforts for enhanced ROI and revenue generation. 
  • Director of Demand Generation Amanda Klitsch is a digital strategy and marketing automation leader who will be invaluable in helping our clients reach their engagement and revenue goals. 
  • Director of Product Marketing Jason Kuder is a product marketing expert with significant experience in market intelligence in Edtech and mobile.
  • Director of Media Relations Megan Madaris brings global communications experience including establishing company and executive profiles and high-impact campaign planning. 
  • Senior Director of Brand Marketing Heather Meeker is a Silicon Valley veteran with global startup and SaaS expertise overseeing our brand-building efforts through strategic communications. 
  • Senior Manager of Marketing Content Nicole Pytel is an expert at developing data-driven content strategies that incorporate best practices for lead-gen and nurture campaigns.
  • Director of Account Management Lori Rosen is a seasoned ad tech and publishing industry professional who oversees our relationships with clients to ensure their success. 

These seven new Salient members join an unparalleled team of seasoned marketing professionals that I’m consistently proud to call my colleagues.

We continue to hear stories of the Great Resignation and the ongoing Shecession and know there will be challenges for our clients as well as for our expansion efforts. Our commitment as a firm is to elevate underrepresented voices in the tech industry. That means it’s more critical than ever to ensure that diverse talent finds a home in this industry (and feels comfortable enough to remain).

We may not be large enough to drive that kind of change on our own (yet), but by partnering with our carefully curated roster of clients we’re contributing to exponential impact. With each addition to our team, we extend our reach and can push the envelope a bit further. And with each victory, we find the adjustments and growing pains that much easier to manage.

As our client base continues to grow, so will our team. We’re managing that growth responsibly to ensure that we’re able to meet both internal and external needs. And just as Salient has been ahead of the curve by operating as a remote company for most of our existence, we continue to act with consideration and respect for each other as responsible professionals, and we value the wellbeing of the members of our team. It’s that kind of foundation–measured growth and internal support driving external excellence–that we know from experience determines whether a growth-stage organization will be stable enough to level up and lead the way.

These days, every one of us– from founder-executives to first-time hires–is being challenged to embrace the opportunity that exists in change. With the right plan and the right team, so much is possible. As we continue our journey of growth, treading confidently along the path we have so strategically laid out for others, I am nothing but excited for what lies ahead.

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