SalientMG’s ninth year may have been its biggest. We added to a tremendous team with new talent that will take us – and our clients – to even bigger heights. We welcomed ten new Board Members who bring expertise that can send our success into the stratosphere. And, last but not least, we ranked #16 on Adweek’s prestigious list of Fastest Growing Agencies.

So it only makes sense that we decided to take a moment to think about what we’re most thankful for on a professional level as the calendar goes full speed ahead towards 2023:

Mack McKelvey, Founder & CEO: I’m thankful for four amazing groups of people:

  • Our clients, who have trusted us to help them build and grow their companies, with the ultimate mission to lead their industries.
  • Our team, who are some of the best marketers in the industry. I’m so very fortunate to learn from them, be challenged by them and grow with them.
  • Our Board of Advisors, who are some of the most talented executives across tech, retail, CPG, govtech, auto, media, entertainment, etc. Learning and applying best practices from your industries has been invaluable.
  • Our partners, including some of the most cutting-edge VCs in the industry and service providers who extend our own capabilities for our clients.

Greg Bella, Managing Director: I’m thankful for our exceptional clients and growth over the past year and to be working alongside a dedicated, collaborative team of marketers!

Michele Frost, Managing Director: Squeaking in just before Thanksgiving, grateful for the opportunity to join SMG. Looking ahead, I’m excited to collaborate with my colleagues and get right into “listening and doing” mode for our clients. 

Lori Rosen, VP Business Development: I’m thankful to be able to trust my colleagues to always have my back when I need support! #teamsmg

Jason Lynch, VP Digital: I’m thankful for the people I get to work with every day. Our team and our clients are forward thinking and always looking for ways to improve themselves and their marketing programs.

Kristine Newman, VP Product Marketing: I’m thankful for the return of in-person meetings and conferences this year. I love the opportunity to meet and collaborate with my colleagues and our dynamic clients.  Nothing beats the excitement of new ideas and ‘a-ha’ moments that radiates in a way that is palpable.  

Amanda Klitsch, Director Demand Generation: I’m thankful to have the opportunity to collaborate with some of the smartest people I know, who elevate my work every day. 

Michelle Mellon, Thought Leadership Director : I’m thankful for the opportunity to keep learning new things from clients and from my incredible colleagues, and how that contributes to my growth as a professional and as a person. 

Nicole Pytel, Director Content Marketing: I’m thankful for a growing SMG team and a growing list of innovative clients – all of whom are wonderful people with amazing talent. 

Kreg Lewenza, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager: I’m thankful for all of the talented team members I get to work with everyday. Every day I get the opportunity to learn new things and expand my knowledge and skills for marketing. 

Mary Clare Rechtoris, Sr. Content Marketing Manager: I’m thankful that my role allows me to combine my biggest passions – learning, writing, and collaborating. Every day, I dig into new projects so I’m constantly evolving as a writer, professional, and overall human. 

Allie Mills, Sr. Media Relations Manager: I am thankful that I am able to spend my days amplifying voices that truly deserve to be heard. Our clients are boldly disrupting industries and unapologetically challenging the status quo – I am so grateful to have the opportunity to help grow their visibility in market and share their expertise with the world.

Yasmeen Johnson, Executive Media Relations Manager: I am grateful to have the support of an amazing team that trusts me to take charge, teaches me when I make mistakes, and reminds me of my worth inside and outside of the office.

Julia Tong, Digital Specialist: I am thankful for this great job opportunity at SalientMG, and I am thankful for my role, because it allows me to work creatively and analytically, which are both my passions. I am also thankful to work among my talented colleagues and learn from them every single day

This Thanksgiving, we hope you have just as much to be grateful for as we do. Cheers to a wonderful 2022 and to all of the new wins that await in 2023!

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