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tips on how to create lead generating content

3 Reasons Your Content’s Falling Short on the Sell

Marketers have a fine line to walk when creating content that converts. Of course, the ultimate goal is to drive revenue, but it’s also crucial to serve your audience expert insights. When your content is overzealous with the sell, you … Read More

career tips for the gen z startup professional

Zoomers Need More Than Zoom: 4 Ways The Gen Z Startup Professional Can Get Ahead

Like many kids growing up, I glamorized the working world. I knew that I wanted to pursue public relations, and I envisioned jet-setting across the country to client meetings and sipping lattes with reporters at a local coffee shop. What … Read More

digital marketing predictions in 2023 by the digital team of salientmg

Crush Your 2023 Digital Marketing Goals With These 6 Big Predictions

With a new year comes new possibilities, and in the digital marketing world, the possibilities can be endless. The selection of foundations, strategies, and tactics, is also endless, however — so how do you ensure you’re on the path to digital marketing success in 2023? … Read More

Tis the Season to Share Our Gratitude

SalientMG’s ninth year may have been its biggest. We added to a tremendous team with new talent that will take us – and our clients – to even bigger heights. We welcomed ten new Board Members who bring expertise that can send our success into the stratosphere. And, last but not least, we ranked #16 on Adweek’s prestigious list of Fastest Growing Agencies.
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Jason Lynch Headshot

Meet Our Marketing Experts: Q&A with Jason Lynch

Start your engines! That’s the metaphor we’re using to welcome Jason Lynch, SalientMG’s new VP of Digital, to our ever-expanding team of senior doers. From optimizing the foundations to brilliant storytelling, Jason is excited to build scalable, revenue-producing marketing engines for our growth-stage B2B tech clients — and we’re just as excited to have him here.
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Digital and marketing automation specialist SalientMG

Meet Our Marketing Experts: Q&A with Julia Tong

We’re thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our team of experts, Julia Tong, Digital Marketing & Automation Specialist. … Read More

SalientMG is on Adweek’s 2022 Fastest-Growing Agencies List — And We’re Just Getting Started

Adweek released its prestigious list of 2022’s fastest growing agencies,and we’re excited to share that SalientMG (SMG) is ranked #16 nationally, #6 among women-owned agencies and #4 in the Northeast.
A unified, more complete view of your customer lifecycle that isn’t fragmented by different platforms or individual sessions

Attribution across your entire customer journey, not just the last click in your Analytics data

New insights and predictions from Google’s machine learning, including behavioral and conversion modeling
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Remarketing – An Often Overlooked Opportunity to Continue Your Brand’s Conversation

Paid media opportunities in the B2B world are endless. LinkedIn ads, Google search ads, display ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, sponsored content, traditional media. I could talk for hours about all the possibilities and different ways for startups to leverage … Read More

How to Strengthen Your Thought Leadership Content

When I say “tempered” in relation to thought leadership, what do you think of? It turns out that two of the primary definitions for tempered are in opposition to each other. According to Merriam Webster, one definition is qualified, lessened, … Read More

The Smartest Marketing Content is Very Simple

If you’ve been on a B2B tech website, you’ve seen this sentence (or a near-identical version of it): “Our product bolsters operational efficiency for your organization through our innovative, cutting-edge software.” Basically, they’re saying they make stuff better. But what … Read More