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Three Touchpoints to Unify Sales & Marketing

It’s fair to say that for many organizations, sales and marketing have been (and in some cases still are) “frenemies.” Traditionally, marketing serves as a primer, addressing (or informing) a customer’s need and warming them up for sales to move … Read More

Meet Our Marketing Experts: Q&A with Mary Clare Rechtoris

How did you hear about SalientMG and why did you decide to join the firm? I was doing production work for multimedia, had gotten into integrated marketing and found myself in an events marketing role. I’m a writer first and … Read More

Executive Brand-Building is Critical to Your Company’s Future Growth

Who comprises your brand? I don’t mean the products or services you sell, I mean who are the people whose blood, sweat, and tears are driving your organization forward? Who are the people on the inside who would inspire admiration … Read More

SEO Isn’t One and Done: 5 Reasons to Keep it Fresh

Every time I do an SEO Audit for a client, I include a prioritized list of remediation strategies and tactics. One thing that’s always on that list? Ongoing SEO work because SEO is a process that never ends. Many organizations … Read More

Marketing is Now an Art-Science Hybrid — You Can Thank Data Privacy for the Shift

Remember when marketing was considered an art that focused solely on the nuances of human behavior and creative visions designed to make emotional connections? Then, as marketing tools evolved, marketers began thinking like scientists and solely powering campaigns by as … Read More

Why the Social Algorithms Are Squashing Your Organic Reach (and How to Fix It)

How many hours are you spending brainstorming, creating, and reviewing your organic social content? You’ve got to get these updates to the masses. The only problem is, the masses aren’t seeing your organic content – and that’s by design. A … Read More

Can You Build Brand Loyalty Without Brand Identity?

If you’re still thinking that what you do defines you, you might want to buckle up. Times have not only changed, they’ve changed a few times over, and significantly so in just the past couple of years. There are shifts … Read More

Meet Our Marketing Experts: Q&A with Doug Zanger

How did you hear about SalientMG and why did you decide to join the firm? Mack McKelvey and I first met in 2010. What started as a professional relationship based on my role at Advertising Week grew into a great … Read More

Meet Our Public Relation Experts: Q&A with Allie Mills

How did you hear about SalientMG and why did you decide to join the firm? Mack personally reached out to me proactively to see if I might be interested in the role. When I spoke with her I was really … Read More

Are You Wasting Time and Money? A Good Content Audit Has the Answer

Be honest. When’s the last time you cleaned out your closet? If you’re like most people, it’s something you say you’re going to do every year (or every season if you’re way more aspirational than I am), but it’s one … Read More